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A New Approach to Population Health Management in Private Exchanges

Accenture predicts that nearly one million employees will be enrolled in employer-sponsored private exchanges by the end of 2014 – and 40 million by the end of 2018.

This figure represents nearly one-quarter of all employees who receive health benefits from their employers today. On the surface, and in the long run, private exchanges represent clear advantages for all stakeholders. However, the prospect of private exchanges fundamentally changes the relationships between health plans, employers, exchange operators and consumers.
In private exchanges, employees become less tethered to employers and develop new relationships to exchange operators and deeper relationships with their health plan of choice. This raises some important questions:

Who now has a true interest in the health and well-being of the employee?

Is there an opportunity to define a new, more efficient and consumer-centric health management model?

Private Exchanges
Private exchanges can be offered by a single health plan or facilitated through third parties, namely large benefits consulting groups. This paper focuses on private exchanges offered by benefits consultants that have the potential to become the largest private exchanges…

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