MBS Whitepaper

A Promising Future of Healthcare: When Consumers Can Monetize Their Health

A number of events and trends have precipitated the idea of a viable clinically-based health score; specifically, Healthcare Reform (PPACA) ensures guaranteed issue and community rating in every marketplace. Given the lack of individual underwriting in pricing premiums across the board, a universal health score can provide the missing incentive benchmark in the healthcare system, beginning with employer-sponsored healthcare.

We said in the beginning it’s all metrics and math, but Consumers have to want to play. They have to see privacy and value in the solution and it has to strive to be frictionless on par with uber experiences that they expect from other industries. When consumers know they have the power to impact their wallets, they behave differently. Our credit score curbs our spending behaviors and our driving record curtails reckless driving. We don’t think about our credit score or DMV record every day; we are conditioned over time into good behaviors because we know how it eventually affects our wallets.

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