Mission Statement

We reimagine the future where consumers self-direct their healthcare from digital devices. We bring world class science to the hands of consumers by providing tools that enable them to self-evaluate and gain access to clinical healthcare resources. We focus on behavior change to improve health versus quick fixes. Ultimately, we enable consumers to value their health.

We invest in world class epidemiology to develop health risk models and translate them for consumers.  Our science was developed by researchers who work at the Johns Hopkins University Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology and Clinical Research. They have extensive resumes: contributing to dozens of biomarker research studies and demonstrable expertise in innovating primary care delivery models.

We have a contract with consumers to protect their personal health information (PHI). Only consumers can authorize clinicians or health coaches to access their PHI. Health insurers may receive consumer PHI but cannot deny or raise personal premiums — it’s against the law.* Furthermore, it’s unlawful to be terminated by an employer based on a health condition.

We are a consumer-first company. We are always representing the consumer first. Through building consumer affinity, we help sponsors of consumers to target investments in health management (wellness) programs. We help insurers understand and manage risk in their populations becoming more efficient which lowers the cost of healthcare for everyone.

We build tight applications. We will strive to build consumer and sponsor affinity with a frictionless user experience built on a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant technology platform. We prioritize security and privacy.

*Healthcare Reform (PPACA or Obamacare) guarantees coverage and community-based pricing in every marketplace. This means consumers cannot be denied health insurance and cannot be charged more for premiums than their peers (except for tobacco use).

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