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Our philosophy complements an organization that approaches Population Health Management (PHM) with a data-driven strategy. We support the idea that individuals experience well-being by simultaneously working towards goals in their careers, personal fulfillment and their health – they are interdependent. Helping consumers achieve well-being unleashes happiness and productivity.

Every individual has a unique personal pathway to well-being that can be supported by policies and programs from their sponsor organization. Consumable Science’s facilitates incentives and measurement of this process with respect to health.

Sponsors are connected to consumers (employees, patients and members) through our patent-pending Health Score BureauTM platform. The MyBodyScore (MBS) account is portable to consumers as a permanent health record, guide and potential currency to earn incentives from any sponsor with a shared interest in their health and well-being.

MBS can bring an end-to-end screening and health management solution with our national partners. Alternatively, we complement any wellness platform and can be embedded into your existing solution as a web service.

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