The Value of My Health

Consumers taking accountability of their health gives them responsibility. We believe the majority of consumers want to control their healthcare destiny, master their health, and have purpose that is both quantitative and qualitative.

Quality of Life as We Age. We are living longer because of medical advancements in cardiology, miracle drugs and treatments, and amazing healthcare professionals who can fix us. However, as we are living longer, we want to feel good through our golden years to continue accomplishing life goals, see our families grow and not be a burden to others.

Health Coverage in the Future is Unknown. We know that health coverage is shrinking and healthcare is becoming a significant cost to the majority of Americans. We encourage consumers to control what they can – their lifestyle and behaviors that affect their health. In doing so, they mitigate unknown costs in the future of avoidable conditions like heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and chronic conditions associated with obesity, such as increased risk for cancer.

Health for Incentives. An individual’s health cannot be used to deny coverage or raise premiums. However, why can’t consumers qualify for incentives in health exchanges and employers incentive programs? If a participant maintains a good health Score or shows improvements in their Score – either suggests they are managing their health. By the nature of our Scores, we assess a consumer’s health holistically. For example, a medically “at-risk” BMI by itself doesn’t yield a low Score; metabolic syndrome does and shows up in other biomarkers.

Health as Social Currency. Healthy people should use their good health as an advantage in getting jobs or becoming socially superior. Why shouldn’t they post their Score on their resume or social networking?