How did this come about?

The Evolution of Consumable Science

crowd-1024x682In 1999, researchers published a study* that concluded adults who exercised regularly, maintained a healthy BMI and never used tobacco, cost their health system 49% less than less healthy members, studied over an 18 month period. The research has been corroborated in numerous studies since then. To interpret the results another way, half of healthcare costs in the U.S. are the result of lifestyle choices.

Until now there has been no universal clinical tool for consumers to access a comprehensive metric on their lifestyle health risk. Consumable Science’s flagship product, MyBodyScore (MBS), has clinical integrity, acts as a currency to motivate and creates a marketplace of incentives for consumers to earn rewards throughout their lifetime for healthy behaviors.

The founders of Consumable Science recognized the effectiveness of biomarker screenings in employer-based programs but realized the user experience is much more powerful when it is unhinged from the employer and is packaged as a portable and permanent solution for consumers to self-direct their preventative healthcare.

Consumers can use MBS with their social pods or friends and family outside of their employers’ health plan. Furthermore, Consumable Science provides employers and other sponsors, a streamlined biomarker-based incentive solution that’s simple, easy to administer, based on best practices and can be embedded in and/or used to measure existing health management programs.

MBS facilitates an equitable distribution of healthcare coverage costs through incentives based on personal accountability in a coverage system that spreads risk without traditional underwriting of individuals. As we move away from a “sick-care” system, a universal health score becomes necessary as industry incentives evolve to be based on outcomes and/or health status and away from fee-for-service models.

MBS was designed from the beginning to be a consumer-first solution; therefore, privacy and security are paramount to our success. Portability is a key feature to engagement. Consumers own their Score and will always have control over who has access to it and their health records.

* JAMA. 1999 Dec 15;282(23):2235-9. Relationship between modifiable health risks and short-term health care charges.