We Tell You What Your Body Tells Us About Your Health Behaviors

Are you healthy? How do you know? Why should you care?

Healthcare coverage (insurance) is shrinking for everybody. We will all be paying more out of pocket and we are living longer, but not necessarily with the best quality of life. That’s a lot to process and manage. But how can you begin to manage what you cannot measure?

Let’s start with a single number, driven by a core set of predictive biomarkers based on world-class science from Johns Hopkins that tells you where you stand – MyBodyScore (MBS). MBS becomes a life-long roadmap for you to know how your lifestyle affects your health: diet, exercise, tobacco use and taking your medications (if lifestyle changes don’t work for you).

You can use MBS as insurance against avoidable chronic disease by striving toward or keeping your Score above 750; it’s like a credit score.  The higher your Score, the lower your risk. Achieving a higher Score enables you to avoid these conditions and the costs associated with them: heart disease/failure, stroke, diabetes, cancers related to obesity and using tobacco, and kidney disease.

Today, we are enabling you to receive your biomarker results and MBS Score user experience through “sponsors” of the screening/testing process, like your employer. Your employer will provide free screenings and a Score for Life.  Sponsors receive aggregated reports to help them manage investments in your health plan and/or wellness programs.

MBS is portable to you and available forever, even if you change employers. And, remember, your private health information (PHI) and Score are never released without your permission.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, start on your path towards self-directing your health.

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