Please see the MyBodyScore Website FAQs to find out more specifics about the consumer product.

Why would I want to start a MyBodyScore Program at my company?

If you have launched or desire to launch a culture of health, we can help you measure its effectiveness over time because we measure how individuals’ lifestyles affect their health. If you are interested in turbo-charging your health risk assessment, stratification of at-risk employees and developing health KPIs for your organization, we can help you do that. We are focused on delivering world-class science through a frictionless process while protecting your employees’ personal health information.

Why is MyBodyScore different than other screening programs?

Put simply, MBS simplifies health for your employees. Achieving a good Score equates to a better quality of life by minimizing the risk for avoidable chronic conditions as you age. The Score is calibrated by age and gender for every individual and by the nature of the algorithm, it mitigates variability and bias.