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How can you measure the effects of health management? It’s the Holy Grail – Wellness ROI. Employers continue to shift costs and accountability; preventative tools have to fill the void. Consumers need to avoid the healthcare system because they are healthy, not because they can’t afford it. What tools can you offer that provide employees […]

How can patients better understand the data behind their health? Tim Davenport, CEO of Consumable Science, explains how the company’s MyBodyScore will allow patients to easily understand what their body is telling them about their health behaviors.

Brent and Doug speak with Teresa O’Keefe, co-founder of Consumable Science (CS), formerly MyBodyCount, on the applications of a consumer health score. Previously serving as head of marketing and business development at ConnectYourCare, Teresa founded CS to connect world-class science to consumer health. CS has a team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University to […]