We deliver world class science to the hands of consumers

MyBodyScoreTM, the first portable universal health score for consumers, simplifies the metrics of health for individuals and populations.

For consumers, we translate what their body tells us about their lifestyle into a Score and percentile ranking, based on biology and world class science.

Outcomes or activity? What do you want to measure? Our platform empowers sponsor organizations to develop affinity with employees, members and patients by facilitating MyBodyScore Clinical Health Risk Assessments with a personalized, interactive user experience. We do the heavy lifting and provide you with the outcome data.

We enable consumers to place value on their health, providing the incentive and roadmap to manage their own path to well-being.

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We connect world class science to consumer health.


Our ongoing research is performed by epidemiologists from Johns Hopkins University (JHU). Our Scores are designed to take the variability out of human biology and give consumers an assessment of their bodies as a system at a point in time. The Score uses a consumer’s demographics and biomarker values to develop a profile and ranking of risk for specific and correlated biomarkers.


Our platform engine uses content commissioned by our JHU team to generate a unique user experience for every consumer.

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Underpinning our science is a foundation of biostatistical predictive analytics.


The inherent nature of our Scores enable you to compare the Average Scores of populations. With Consumable Science, you can benchmark your population year over year, sub-populations internally, or with other populations in the same industry, size or demographic.


We provide metrics to enable you to more effectively measure investments in health management. MBS becomes a KPI of your population’s health.

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MyBodyScore (MBS), our flagship product, provides consumers with a health score, based on 9 biological inputs, that represents an assessment of their health relative to their peers.


MBS is largely affected by lifestyle choices. Our messaging encourages diet, exercise, and tobacco cessation to improve Scores. Consumable Science creates a life-long bond through our patent-pending Health Score Bureau portable health record.


As consumers change relationships with employers, health plans and providers over time, they will be able to monitor and self-evaluate their health with MBS.

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The patient view of his medical record. User Experience Fail.

Primary Care Problems – Will Disruption Occur Faster Than These Can be Fixed?

A Consumable Science executive, Tom Santi, indulges us with documentation of his recent user experience in scheduling and completing an annual physical and lab appointment. It glaringly demonstrates some of the issues with patient touch points in a legacy healthcare system. The provider/health plan names have been withheld to protect the guilty. Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek dispatch while you re-imagine healthcare.

Should Your Human Capital Strategy Focus on Thinner or Happier Employees?

A Culture of Health or a Healthy Culture?

Several trending stories made me ponder this question as we attempt to develop strategies to maximize our human capital and minimize its expense, that is, productivity and healthcare costs. I posit a simple question: Do we want healthier employees or happier employees?

Medical Cynicism and the Most Popular Surgery in the U.S.

A Consumable Science executive recently attended a conference where the speakers were innovators and thought leaders in the medical/clinical community and much of the subject matter was about electronic medical records (EMRs). Medical Cynicism is hardly new to the clinical side of healthcare, but the sentiments are worth sharing plus a bonus factoid at the bottom.

Landmark New Findings on Blood Pressure

If you’re at high risk for heart disease and have high blood pressure, you may need to lower your blood pressure even more than your doctor has previously advised to protect yourself from stroke and heart attack.

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Industry Thought Leaders on the Measurement of Wellness Programs

How can you measure the effects of health management?

It’s the Holy Grail – Wellness ROI. Employers continue to shift costs and accountability; preventative tools have to fill the void. Consumers need to avoid the healthcare system because they are healthy, not because they can’t afford it. What tools can you offer that provide employees and their families meaningful healthcare independence?

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Teresa O’Keefe on HealthCare Consumerism Radio

Brent and Doug speak with Teresa O’Keefe, co-founder of Consumable Science (CS), formerly MyBodyCount, on the applications of a consumer health score. Previously serving as head of marketing and business development at ConnectYourCare, Teresa founded CS to connect world-class science to consumer health. CS has a team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University to produce health scores, content and best practice solutions in health management.

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MyBodycount Launches First Universal Health Score Based on Lifestyle Risk Factors

MyBodycount® (MBC), a healthcare technology platform that provides consumers with a biometric-based health score, has introduced the first-ever clinical health score available to the public. The MBC Health Score was developed using actuarial science working in conjunction with Dr. Hunter Young, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM) and Dr. Dhananjay Vaidya, Associate Professor of Medicine at JHUSOM.

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